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Camping in the outdoors is among one of the most thrilling experiences you can enjoy in this amazing nation of ours.

Among the things that can make this experience much more enjoyable is preparing food that we normally could not eat.

When outdoor camping, there is always a compromise in between what we actually want to eat, and also what’s sensible based on what cooking facilities are offered and our ability to supply food.

In many instances, much less is most definitely much more when it involves picking the optimal foods to cook and eat on your outdoor camping trip.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that straightforward food can not be delicious also.


Following is 3 delicious dishes that are ideally made to be cooked on your following camping trip:

  1. The Morning Burger

This delicious hamburger can be dished out for breakfast, lunch or supper. Merely position a previously prepared burger patty on a bun with a pan-fried egg as well as a piece of cheese.

Wrap in aluminium foil and place on the barbecue for 10 mins while relying on stop burning.

You can include a piece of tomato or some sauteed onions to give the breakfast burger that additional flavour.

If you have the ability to obtain your hands on some sachets of mayonnaise or tomato sauce, after that this will aid to complete a tasty and easy meal.


  1. Soup

Soup from a can is probably the most convenient outdoor camping food possible, nevertheless, it can be flavourless as well as uninteresting unless you spruce it up with some yummy components of your very own.

Just choose a canister of your favorite soup and include the active ingredients that it would normally contain.

For instance, for veggie soup, add some veggies that you have actually currently cut up as well as prepared in your home.

Keep some leftover roast hen aside to include flavour to your tinned chicken soup.

Some toasted bread for croutons or a little barley/beans that have currently been cooked is a terrific means to add extra appearance as well as nutrition to your canned soup.


  1. Filled Potatoes

A jacket potato put in aluminium foil and also prepared on open flames is yummy by itself and is always a blockbuster, specifically for kids.

All you need to do is include an option of salad ingredients as well as your preferred protein for a mouth-watering fully filled potato.

Canned tuna is a great enhancement as is a slice or two of your preferred cheese.

A couple of pieces of avocado, as well as tomato, can transform this right into an excellent nutritious meal on warm summer days.

Precooked bacon bits, caramelised onions as well as cheese are an additional good combination for a fully filled potato.

Swap out your routine potatoes for a wonderful potato for an also healthier as well as tastier meal.

The trick to having tasty meals that are simple to cook on your camping journey is planning ahead. Minimal cooking, while you are out appreciating all that Mother Nature has to provide, makes it a lot simpler.

Be sure to check back for the rest of our meal tips!


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